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Summer Skincare Essentials for a Flawless Season

21-06-2017 4:49 PM / Posted in Beauty by Forever Flawless

The sweltering heat, pollution and humidity during the summer can be very damaging to our skin. Therefore it takes away from our natural glow and can sometimes cause infections. Nonetheless to help prevent all of this, and keep your skin radiating like before, here are the Summer Skincare Essentials for a Flawless Season.

 Sunscreen Always

First up on your summer skincare essentials list is sunscreen. This one is very key to protecting your skin. Throw away the unused sunscreen from last year and pick up a new bottle. Sunscreens are not supposed to last forever, in fact most of us do not use as much as we should. Particularly get a new sunscreen that has both UVA & UVB, make sure it has SPF 30 and SPF 70. Make sure to always reapply it every 1-2 hours when you are out in the sun.


 Exfoliate All Over

This is the golden rule when it comes to basic summer skincare, exfoliation is key for smooth, glowing skin. For instance, our bodies sheds dead skin cells every single day. However if we don’t exfoliate, then they will just sit on our skin, making us look dull and dry. With that said, no matter how much lotion you use, if you do not exfoliate you will never have glowing skin. For one thing when you’re in the shower, grab a body scrub and rub it all over your body in circular motions. While in the shower avoid your face and neck you will want to use a facial peeling gel for those areas. Overall, do this 2-3 times a week and you will be guaranteed to have radiant skin year round.

 Drink Up

During the summer we can easily become dehydrated that in short, we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. With this in mind, it can be easily done if you carry a water bottle around with you and remind yourself to drink at least once every 30 minutes. As a result, not only does water help wash out a lot of toxins, it also helps you feel fresh. In conclusion, that’s why water is essential in our summer skincare.

 Hydrate With Lotion

It is time to put away the heavy body butters and switch to a more light moisturizing lotion. We do not always have time for our lotions to sink in so instead, try something that is light and fast absorbing. For instance, A multi-purpose lotion is perfect for our summer skincare in that you can carry it around and use it all over your body. Initially, you apply it right after you get out the shower, then your skin will appear and feel visibly soft. As a result, it seals in the moisture your body just soaked in.


 Summer Glow

We have so many different options when it comes to adding a summer tint to our skin. On the other hand, a healthy alternative is to let your natural glow shine through. For example, adding a collagen boosting cream or serum to your summer skincare routine will help improve your skins natural radiance. In contrast, tanning is so harmful to our skin and for instance, the chemicals in spray tans can sometimes irritate your skin.

           Love Your Toes

After hiding our feet in boots all winter long, it is finally sandals season ladies! In other words, time to go get a pedicure or instead give yourself an at-home pedicure so you can touch up your toes on your own time.  Furthermore, nothing is worse than seeing dry, cracked feet inside cute sandals. With that said, stop neglecting your feet and include your little piggies in your summer skincare routine. It is very simple, just keep a body scrub and a file in your shower and scrub your feet a few times a week. In that your feet will be soft and flawless in no time.

In the end, you now have your summer skincare essentials, it is time to hit the beach or pool and show off your radiant summer skin. If you just follow these tips you will be vacation ready in no time ladies! Get all of these skincare essentials 25% Off with promo code ‘SUMMER’.