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Our 6 Favorite Beauty Investments This Spring

20-03-2017 3:21 AM / Posted in Health by Forever Flawless
The 6 Best Spring Beauty Investments

Let’s be honest, we are always on the lookout for a great deal, but some beauty investments are worth the splurge.

A great beauty find is like finding gold. We’ve rounded up the best beauty investments you could make for yourself this spring. Everything from our favorite spa services to what you should be feeding your body. Even though skin care is important, beauty is not just about the luxurious creams you put on your face! If you decide to make some beauty investments for yourself, here are some great places to start.

Balayaging For Spring

If there are two words that should never go together in the English language, it is “at-home” and highlights. Spring is the perfect time to lighten those locks, but ladies let’s leave it to the professionals. They know exactly where to place the highlights and they already have all the tools needed to mix the perfect shade for your hair. Balayage highlights are a great service to get at the salon because they are on trend and they require little to no upkeep. Professional colorist will strategically paint on the highlights, leaving your looking naturally sun kissed.


Brow Threading

The 6 Best Spring Beauty Investments

You can thank the iconic brows of Cara Delevigne for the trend that is perfectly groomed, bold brows. Honestly, having well manicured brows can give your face an instant lift and as the weather gets warmer, it helps for those ‘no makeup’ days. Instead of getting a brow wax, visit an esthetician who specializes in threading. Threading is great because it’s not harmful to your skin like waxing is and it is a more precise way of removing hair.

Short Hair, Don’t Care

Let’s be real, we wear our hair every single day, so why not invest in it? You wouldn’t believe how the right haircut for your face shape could change your overall look for the better. Try to get trims often to avoid your hair from splitting which causes you to lose length. If you use chemicals in your hair, try to visit your stylist once every 4-6 weeks.


The 6 Best Spring Beauty Investments

When our skin looks flawless, everything else around us seems to fall in place. By booking a facial, you aren’t just getting a treatment, but you are also technically hiring a skincare consultant who can answer all your questions. If you can’t make it to a facial, then splurge on an Anti-Aging face mask like the Forever Flawless Age-Defying Thermal Mask that you can do in the comfort of your home. (Use code: SPRING for a discount on the Black Diamond Age-Defying Thermal Mask) Getting a good facial every few months will remove congestion from deep within your skin and improve blood circulation.



The 6 Best Spring Beauty Investments

If you are going to own one fancy skincare device on the market today, the PARAGON is the one to try. The ultimate LED light photon beauty device, which will give you immediate results on fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles. The only one of its kind that warms, cools and treats under eyes and that is also cleared as a medical device by the FDA. We like to call it a five minute face-lift, making skin look brighter and more toned in the same amount of time you’d spend flipping through Netflix for a new movie to watch. (Use code: PARAGON55 for a discount on The PARAGON)

                 Eat Well

The 6 Best Spring Beauty Investments

Eating healthy can sometimes break the bank, but it is the best way to be healthy from the inside out. When we eat well, it reflects in our skin, nails, hair and of course our energy levels. Try to keep too many enriched carbohydrates out of your diet as much as possible. These carbs spike our sugar levels which then lead to breakouts. Foods like tomatoes, almonds, fish, chia seeds, watermelon, citrus, kale, honey, whole grains, sweet potatoes and apples are great for our overall health and beauty. Add these to your diet instead of hitting the drive thru and you’ll feel and look more radiant.