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Honest Review of the Diamond Infused Peeling Gel 2017 | Forever Flawless Reviews

26-10-2017 7:37 PM / Posted in Reviews by Forever Flawless

Hi. I’m Monica and I’m here to do some product reviews on Forever Flawless. This is the exfoliating peeling gel. Wonderful little packaging, it’s so pretty. But this peeling gel, like it suggests, it is an exfoliate. You use it once a week, that’s all it needs, very small amounts. That’s what it looks like, nice peachy color, great texture. It works better than any other microdermabrasion product that I’ve ever used. And I have used several that, as far as trying to get rid of that dead skin and help clear my blemishes away. And you instantly … once you rinse it off, once that product is gone off of your face, you feel such a difference. Your skin truly will be silky smooth, smoother than a baby’s bottom. Really.”

So this one that I really, really like. This is what’s called the Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel. And this one you basically exfoliate your skin and it just takes off the first layer of dead skin cells. On top of that, it smells really good. It looks really pretty. So it’s like a peachy orangey color. That’s what it looks like. Oh my God. And this stuff, when I first used it, I actually noticed that some of my … the little hairs on your face, I think it’s called peach fuzz, some of those even came off. So this really penetrates the skin. These products are diamond infused so there’s actually crushed diamonds inside the products.”

You don’t need to go to any spa. You’ve got do this at your house. So, then I use Diamond Infused Facial Peeling … can you see? I love this ’cause I can immediately see difference in my face ’cause … you will see. A little bit, you go in circular motions again. Okay. I already feel like a diamond. You can use warm water. Let’s say, not too cold, definitely not hot.”