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Small Changes That Make A Big Difference To Your Beauty Routine

08-11-2016 6:18 PM / Posted in Health by Forever Flawless

 Small Changes That Make A Big Difference To Your Beauty Routine

It may rarely happen, but it is a wonderful thing when we have the time and means to indulge in major beauty treatments. It is even better when we can make a few tweaks and to our skincare and makeup routines for noticeable results. Try these simple tips that require little investment.

Tap Products Onto Your Skin

woman applying face cream

This is a very easy step to apply, tap or gently press or lotions, serums, and liquid or cream makeup products onto skin. Do not rub it in! By doing this you are stimulating circulation which boosts a natural glow. It’s like a mini massage that helps your skin absorb the products better. Also, tapping allows you to avoid unnecessary tugging at your skin.

Drying Your Hair

Drying your hair against the way you want it to fall is another small way that can make a huge difference to your overall look. Blowing out your hair on the opposite side of your natural part will give hair bounce and volume. By doing this you will notice that your will have more body and bounce.

Fill In Lips With Lip Liner

Honestly, this has been one of the biggest trends this year and a lot of people have already been doing this, but for those of you out there who don’t, you need to start! Liner isn’t only for the outline of your pout. Try filling in your lips with liner as a base before applying lipstick. Liner can act as a primer, as it helps the lip color stay on longer and prevents color bleeding. And besides, when lips are filled in with liner, there will be no obvious lip line when your lipstick starts to fade.

Mix Moisturizer With Your Foundation


When you mix your foundation with a drop of moisturizer, you can create your own custom coverage look with a natural finish. This method is very ideal for those with drier skin as it allows your foundation to look more natural and a lot less cake-y.



Our hair is a very important detail in our beauty care routine. For most people it is the thing that matters the most to us (maybe just to some women). To keep your hair soft try a DIY hair mask with a regular conditioner that you leave in. This easy trick can leave your hair feeling silky and soft without the hassle of purchasing any additional hair products.

Anti -Aging Products On Your Hands


Sometimes we may not give our hands enough love and they become dry and cracked. By giving the back of your hands a bit of TLC with any extra anti-aging products like the Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Instant Face Lifting Cream to help prevent UV damage. The backs of our hands are usually the most exposed part of our body. Just a little extra protection can help keep them soft and less vulnerable age spots.

Beauty Blender

A beauty blender should be one of those “holy grail” makeup/skincare item that everyone should have in their makeup bag. It is a beauty routine ESSENTIAL! Whether you contour every day or barely have enough time for a tinted moisturizer, a beauty blender is your makeup bags best tool. The best thing about a beauty blender is that you can also apply your moisturizers, serums and powders with it, giving your look a natural finish.

What are some of your favorite beauty tricks?