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What is a Serum? – Forever Flawless Reviews

11-05-2016 7:02 PM / Posted in Beauty by Forever Flawless

You’ve heard of beauty serums, but what they heck is a serum anyway?

Many Forever Flawless customers have confessed to the fact that even though they have heard serums being mentioned along with skin care millions of times, they have never really understood how a serum can help them improve the condition of their skin. Forever Flawless has been dealing with serums ever since its inception and we now offer our customers with all sorts of serums that can help treat all sorts of issues and deal with all sorts of skin types. To help out all those who still don’t have an idea of what serums can do for their skin care, Forever Flawless Cosmetics came up with this exciting Forever Flawless 101: All About Serums article.

What are Serums?

Serums basically offer you with a targeted treatment for specific skin issues. They are used in addition to cleansers and moisturizers as a part of your regular skin care routine and can help you deal with all sorts of skin issues such as pigmentation, fine lines and age spots. Serums might sound to be a fancy product, but they are actually one of the most potent and important products in any skin care routine.

How are Serums different from Moisturizers?

Serums are lighter products that contain greater concentrations of active ingredients. These active ingredients help you to combat issues like age spots, fine lines and pigmentation better. On the other hand, moisturizers help you to keep your skin looking rich and hydrated and also offer protection from the damage caused by UV rays of the sun.


Are Day Serums different from Night Serums?

The skin responds to skin care ingredients differently at different times of the day. As a result, some serums are more effective during the day and some serums are more effective during the night. For example, serums that help you boost protection against UV rays damage and offer your skin with antioxidants are more effective when used as a part of your morning skin care routine because they help you to combat issues like dehydration, sun damage and pollution throughout the day. On the other hand, serums that primarily target cell renewal and anti-aging are better off when used at night. 


When should you use serums?

A serum should always be used after cleansing the skin and before moisturizing the skin. However, there are some serums which are heavier than your moisturizers. You are always better off by following the simple rule of skin care that you need to use the lightest products first.

Are serums essential even if the skin doesn’t have any major issues?

If you don’t have any major skin issues, then serums are not essential for your skin care. However, Forever Flawless would always advise you to add serums into your regular skin care routines simply because they help in making skin care more effective. Furthermore, serums are very helpful in combating things like age spots and the signs of aging. This can help you prevent premature aging and ensure that you age gracefully.

Are you using any Forever Flawless serum as a part of your skin care routine? Which is your favorite Forever Flawless serum? Let us know using the comments box below!