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Forever Flawless Blue Diamond Infused Eye Serum and Eye Cream Review – Guest Post

31-08-2017 6:00 PM / Posted in Reviews by Forever Flawless

Today on the blog, beauty blogger Mary Balandiat of Nuts 4 Stuff Blog shares her opinion on the Forever Flawless Blue Diamond Infused Eye Serum & Cream.

To view Mary’s original post visit her blog Nuts 4 Stuff and read her entire review.

Forever Flawless is a luxury skin care brand that is the only one in the industry to use genuine diamond powder in their formulas.  The reason this unique ingredient is used is because it helps gently exfoliate so that their ingredients such as vitamins, botanicals, moisturizing and anti-aging agents ideally penetrate to do your skin the most good.

For several months now, I have been testing the Blue Diamond Infused Eye Serum ($399) and the Blue Diamond Infused Eye Cream ($399) that Forever Flawless sent me in June.

I started each day and ended every night using the Blue Diamond Infused Eye Serum. Besides the diamond powder, this serum also includes a bounty of natural botanicals and alpha hydroxy acid as well to further speed up results. This formula is meant to address fine lines and wrinkles, darkness under the eyes and puffiness in the area.

I discovered the serum has a silky consistency. Before following up with the cream, I gently would tap the skin and wait until the serum disappeared. You don’t want to rush and possibly dilute any serums to allow them time to reach those deeper layers of the skin. Tapping also helps avoid stretching delicate skin of the eye area so keep that in mind.

The Blue Diamond Infused Eye Cream always came next in my daily skin care routine. This is a rich, velvety cream that pampers the skin, hydrates and beautifully deals with anti-aging and firming with the help of their natural botanicals, anti-aging ingredients and that diamond powder in the base.

Since I used them together, I can’t tell you which one was more effective. However, I can tell you that I loved what both products did for improving the look of my eyes. I only have a few fine creases under the eyes, but this stuff firmed up my fine lines. Usually puffy eyes are a problem for me because of allergies.  In addition, these products also seemed to help minimize that as well.

Of course, the price may be higher than you normally pay or would like to pay for these two skin care products for eyes. Yet, I think it’s worth it when you look into your drawer or vanity at all the other similar products that don’t measure up to these two. Find out more and try it for yourself at Forever Flawless and the Blue Diamond Infused Eye Serum and Eye Cream at the company’s website.

To view Mary’s original post visit her blog Nuts 4 Stuff and read her entire review of the Forever Flawless Blue Diamond Infused Eye Serum & Cream.