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6 Beauty Habits That Will Reduce Your Stress

20-09-2016 3:14 PM / Posted in Health by Forever Flawless

6 Beauty Habits That Will Reduce Your Stress

Throughout a week we all have to deal with various stressful situations, by the time the weekend comes along it is hard to unwind and de-stress before the start of the new week. Even for someone who is otherwise completely healthy, stress can be utterly crippling. No matter where your stress is stemming from, there are ways to manage it and keep it from dominating your thoughts and actions.


1. Bath Salt Soaks

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice hot bath after a long day? It is the perfect way to unwind, as the water helps relax your muscles and the heat rids your body of toxins. You can amplify your baths de-stressing properties even further by adding some bath salts. Find a salt scrub to mix in with your bath, as the salts renew your skin and ease tense muscles.

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2. Beauty Masks

Sometimes people don’t even realize that something as simple as anxiety can take a huge toll on your skin. Stress can cause breakouts and other issues, so keeping your skin hydrated and healthy is a must when you’re experiencing tension. Try a cream mask to deeply moisturize your skin. This will help prevent skin problems and just the act of taking time out of your day to care for yourself helps relieve some of the stress in your life.

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One of the best anti-stressors is feeling good about yourself. If a person is feeling confident and feeling they can take on anything, stress can’t get a foothold in your life. Our feet take a heavy load when you’re busy and working all day, so treat them to a pedicure. Make sure to keep them moisturized and flawless, also a foot massage can relax those worn-out toes.

4.Heated Mud Soak

Mud soaks are rich in minerals and full of health benefits for your skin, and when it is heated and applied to your body, it helps relive muscle aches and nourishes your complexion. Everyone should be taking sometime at the end of a long day or week for a mud treatment, you can do it in your own home, and allow the hot mud to soak into your skin as you close your eyes and relax your mind.



Aromatherapy harnesses the power of scents to help relax your mind and relieve stress. Scented body oils are perfect for giving your body a mist of long-lasting relaxation, as smells like cedarwood clear your mind and help calm anxieties.


Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed during the week, a quick massage may be all you need to get back on your feet. Grab a body oil and gently massage your earlobes and neck. This helps release endorphins that boost, relax, and gives you a jump-start to help you get through the day.