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4 Beauty Rituals You Should Be Doing Before Bed

07-10-2016 10:00 AM / Posted in Health by Forever Flawless

Sleep is one of your best friends in beauty….it is definitely no fairy-tale. When we regularly miss out on adequate sleep, our skin is at risk for increased dryness and inflammation and decreased collagen repair.

Although there is no substitute for getting enough sleep, we can embrace pre-bed beauty rituals that maximizes skin and hair health while we snooze. Not only are the following practices beauty boosters, they’ll also help you unwind before hitting the sheets.


  1. Thoroughly Cleanse Your Skin.
















Removing the day’s makeup, and pollution is a must if we want to give our skin a chance to repair itself overnight. Be sure that you are washing your face the right way. Do not use anything hotter than lukewarm water. If you are wearing a good amount of water-resistant makeup, try double cleansing. Next, wash your face with your regular cleanser.


  1. Hydrate and Moisturize

After cleansing,   it is now time to moisturize your skin. Those with dry skin may benefit from a richer moisturizer like Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Instant Face Lifting Serum. Although those with oilier skin types may gravitate towards a lighter formula, oily skin can benefit from a dry oil to help balance natural oil production.

  1. Give Yourself a Mini Facial


















The benefits of a face massage are extensive. From firmer to more glowing skin to reduce puffiness and fine lines, there’s no shortage of nice things that a massage does for your face.  Spending a few minutes (or longer) massaging your face every night is a great way to enhance product absorption and relax any areas where you hold tension.

Although you can massage your skin at any stage of your pre-bed beauty routine, while you moisturize may be the best time to really get into it. Using a product like the Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Instant Face Lifting Cream that allows your fingers to easily glide along your skin will minimize the chances that you’ll accidentally tug or stretch your skin.


  1. Massage Your Scalp

















Do you often get headaches after a long day? Try a scalp massage. Not only does scalp massages help you unwind before bed, it also encourages healthier hair. Like facial massages, scalp massages increases blood flow and it stimulates hair follicles, encouraging strands to reach their full growth potential.




What are some of your favorite pre-bed rituals?